Bridger-Teton National Forest Wildlife Ambassadors

Grizzly Bear 863, affectionately known as Felicia, was born along the Beartooth Highway northeast of Yellowstone National Park in 2014. She, along with a sibling, were orphaned as yearlings. In 2015 Felicia and her sibling were spending a lot of time along the Beartooth Highway.

Despite showing no aggressive behavior they were both captured and relocated deep in the Teton wilderness in 2015. Felicia was not seen for about a year until she showed up along Blackrock Creek in 2016. Felicia was collared then but not relocated. She established the area between the Blackrock Ranger Station to east of Togwotee Pass as her home range, spending a lot of time near U.S. Highway 26/287.

Felicia emerged from the den with two cubs on May 6, 2019. They were nicknamed Pepper and Salt for their different coloration. Salt was killed by a male bear about a week later on the night of May 14, 2019.

The male bear attacked Pepper on the morning of June 18, 2019. While Pepper survived he and Felicia became separated during the melee. We and a few others watched over Pepper throughout the rest of June and into July as this tiny grizzly cub searched up and down U.S. 26/287 surviving on his own while searching for his mom.

Felicia and Pepper eventually reunited and spent the remaining summer and autumn together before denning in late October, 2019. We looked forward to watching Pepper grow up in 2020, but, when Felicia came out of the den in April she was alone. We still don’t know what happened to Pepper.

In response to Felicia and Pepper’s popularity when near the road, the Friends of the Bridger-Teton created their Wildlife Ambassadors program to help manage people around the grizzly bears found east of Grand Teton National Park in the Bridger-Teton National Forest, specifically along the the U.S. 26/287 corridor. Team 399 has committed to funding at least one Wildlife Ambassador position per year.

To that end we have entered relationships with Lens Rentals and Bedford Camera to help underwrite the Wildlife Ambassadors.

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