Meet Your Guides

Meet Jack and Gina Bayles, the passionate tour guides, conservationists and grizzly bear advocates residing near Jackson, Wyoming. Jack’s family has been rooted in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem for five generations. Jack has been personally exploring the GYE for over 50 years while photographing the area for three decades.

Driven by their desire to share their love for Grand Teton and Yellowstone with visitors, Jack and Gina started a guiding service in 2016. Over the last 8 years Jack and Gina have personally led over 1000 tours and workshops all over the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Jack is a veteran and retired first responder with over 25 years of experience at or near the tip of the spear including six years in emergency medicine. Gina worked as a 911 dispatcher and elementary school teacher for almost 15 years.

Grizzly bears hold a special place in Jack and Gina’s hearts. Gina affectionately refers to Grizzly 399 as “The Other Woman.” Their knowledge of these magnificent creatures, their history, and their behavior is unparalleled amongst guides.

Jack and Gina recreated themselves as Team 399 in 2020 to raise money for Grand Teton National Park’s Wildlife Brigade. They have since expanded to supporting several non-profits while taking on a robust advocacy and education role.

Although the Tetons and Yellowstone will always be their first love, Jack and Gina expanded their horizons in 2023 to offer bespoke small group tours to Africa and beyond.

Join Jack and Gina on a once-in-a-lifetime guided tour. Whether it’s a single day exploring the Tetons or Yellowstone, a week-long journey along Yellowstone’s Northern Range, or a three-week African safari, you will have an immersive experience that will leave you enlightened, enchanted and yearning for more.