Giving Back

We recreated ourselves as Team 399 back in 2020 to raise money for Grand Teton National Park’s Wildlife Brigade and were the initial supporters for the Bridger-Teton National Forest’s Wildlife Ambassador program. We are focusing on local and regional non-profits doing the heavy lifting on behalf of our wildlife and wild places in the northern Rockies.

We are also helping select non-profits working in Africa. A portion of all of our art, merchandise and even tours goes to support these organizations. We are not affiliated with any of these groups and encourage you to your own due diligence, think they are all very worthy of your support. If you don’t see an organization that suits you here then maybe consider your local animal rescue…

The Organizations We Support


Based in Helena, Montana, Alliance For The Wild Rockies focuses on protecting habitat through lawsuits. They are highly successful, winning some 85% of the lawsuits they file. Telling that the governmental agencies lose that often, Alliance For The Wild Rockies has been a thin line between maintaining and destroying grizzly habitat. They have a new program to bring staff attorneys in-house, to fight bear by bear:


The American Prairie Reserve is a private effort to create a private wildlife preserve in central Montana, rehabilitating a small piece of the western Great Plains. Already connecting some 3.2 million acres, larger than Yellowstone, their goal is to rewild this once vibrant landscape.


The Vital Ground Foundation, an accredited land trust, is currently working to protect and connect more than 10,000 acres in Montana and Idaho by acquiring five properties and placing conservation easements on three more.  We will also restore 530 acres of acquired land in northwest Montana and partner with local community groups to prevent conflicts between bears and people on thousands of additional acres through our work in the Conservation Partners Program.


The non-profit arm of Grand Teton National Park, the Grand Teton National Park Foundation funds the Wildlife Brigade. The Wildlife Brigade are the mostly volunteer group of heroes who help to keep 399, 610 and all other safe.


The Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center is a rescue and education facility in West Yellowstone. They have rescued several grizzly bears and other wildlife over the years. Taking in a grizzly bear can be a 30 year commitment and they are hungry, eating some $4000 in groceries every year. The GWDC is working on a second enclosure for the grizzly bears. This will allow them to double the number of grizzlies they can rescue.


Located in western Idaho Black Bear Rescue has rescued, rehabilitated and rewilded hundreds of black bears over the last 30 years. These are the folks who rescued Alice, the starving orphaned black bear cub from near Grand Teton National Park.


The Big Life Foundation is deeply involved in anti-poaching efforts in the Amboseli area. They also work with local landowners on conflict mitigation, helped to secure the Kimana Sanctuary, and are securing grazing lands for elephants between Amboseli and the Kimana Sanctuary.


The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust rescues, raises, rehabilitates and rewilds elephants, rhinos and giraffes along with going in to the field and providing emergency medical care. The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is also heavily involved preventing poaching through airborne surveillance, patrols and k-9 units.


Trap Free Montana, a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit, connects hearts & minds through science, truths in trapping, & compassion to rise to the plight of wildlife & support biodiversity, coexistence, responsible stewardship, & trap free public lands. Through social media, public meetings, presentations, writings, and our statewide billboard campaign, we increase public awareness and education to the many wrongs and indiscriminate cruel nature of trapping. We pay towards medical costs of trapped victims and offer rewards for poaching convictions. We now have been forced to litigate to protect grizzlies, wolves, and others from trapping.

Show Your Support

When you purchase any of the products below, you play an active role in supporting our grizzly bear conservation efforts, helping us preserve the remarkable wilderness we hold dear.