Full Day Teton Safari:

We spend a full day, 10-12 hours, in the Tetons looking for different wildlife (based on the time of year) along with the iconic Teton views that are everywhere.

We’ll talk about the human history, natural history and ecology of the Tetons.

We have breakfast on the way out of Jackson. We have a picnic lunch when weather allows and have a choice of dining when the weather does not allow. We have refreshments and snacks all day.

We pick up in the Jackson area as far north as Colter Bay.

Our private full day safaris are designed to give you a more in depth experience than a half day safari allows.

We will get to more of the out of the way places in Grand Teton and will also linger longer for and with wildlife.

Prices start at $1000 for the first two guests and $100 for each additional guest to a maximum of 12.

You will also need a parks pass per vehicle.

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Team 399 Photography is an authorized permittee of Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park and the National Elk Refuge.