Springtime in Grand Teton and Yellowstone features the rebirth of the land, the natural world awakening. Our spring photo workshops are designed around the opening of the parks, the best times to see wildlife and the iconic landscapes that become available as winter retreats.

Spring is the single best time of year to see grizzly bears. They begin waking in late March and are commonly seen by mid-April. Mother grizzlies appear with their new cubs in mid-May. The first time you see a wild grizzly bear it will change your life.

Elk begin streaming out of the refuge to their summer retreats in the high country and Willow Flats. Early June see elk calves everywhere while bull moose have almost completely regrown their antlers. Songbirds and osprey begin returning by mid-April while owls begin nesting. Pronghorn return from their winter range.

Wolf pups are outside the den by early May along with bison calves and black bear cubs.

The land returns to green by early May while we see wildflowers begin blooming by early June. Come before Memorial Day and enjoy the parks before the summer crowds arrive. Take a look at some of our sample itineraries and then contact us to customize your all-inclusive spring photography workshop.

As always, we limit the group size to six on a multi day workshop ensuring that everyone gets a door and window that open as well as individualized attention. With two guides your maximum guide to guest ratio is 3:1.

Come for two days to two weeks. We will put together the perfect photo workshop for you. Consider late April and early May when you can be among the first into Yellowstone, when you may have bears to yourself.

Our all-inclusive photo tours include premium lodging (we stay in the parks when possible) with all meals and passes included. All you have to do is get here.

Consider a 5 day photo safari in May focusing on grizzly bears or spend a week going through both parks in spectacular detail. Reach out to us for a custom Grand Teton and Yellowstone photography experience or take a look at our sample itineraries.

Early Spring Wildlife Photo Tour

Catch Grand Teton and Yellowstone as wolf pups and bears come out of the den and before the crowds arrive.

Spring Grizzly Bear Photo Workshop

A week concentrating on Grand Teton and Yellowstone’s famous grizzlies.

Grand Teton and Yellowstone Spring Photo Expedition

A detailed look at both Grand Teton and Yellowstone from early May to late June.